Attorney Christopher Gasper

I am a highly motivated, experienced, and strategic-thinking attorney with a proven track record of success in serious cases.  I achieve results for my clients and navigates the complex legal landscape with ease. 

... The other thing about me is that I am not like most other attorneys. 

I get it.  Maybe you saw my ad or were referred to me from a friend or family member or found me in a list from a search.  How do you really tell us lawyers apart from the good ones and the bad ones?  Well, let me tell you how.  I was in you shoes several years ago and didn't have a clue what to do or who to trust.  So, I found a lawyer that promised me the stars and told me what I wanted to hear.  Needless to say, I got screwed.  With this in mind, I know where you are coming from.  Like I said, I get it. 

I know you have many choices and I appreciate your time.  I sincerely urge you to call me at 614.845.1923 today.  The call is free and the consultation is free.  I am confident that once we have a chance to talk and I listen to what is going on that you will realize what makes me different from other attorneys. 

Whether you are thinking about the future, administering a loved one's estate or guardianship, recently suffered a loss of a loved one, or want to protect your home and assets, I can help and I have many solutions to offer you. 



I have represented numerous clients facing the most serious challenges in their case and in their lives.  I've spent thousands of hours in court, drafting documents, and researching case law.

When you hire me, you know that I have the courage to tackle the toughest cases and the expertise to help you fight whatever obstacles await.


I graduated from a private law school and spent 8 months studying law and working in Tokyo, Japan.  I've worked for big law firms and I've worked for small firms. 

You can count on me to be on the cutting edge of the legal industry; to write the best and most comprehensive motions and briefs; to prepare the best possible case for you.  And most importantly to protect your assets and keep your privacy sacred.


Legal services are too expensive.  Isn't it about time someone did something to fix that problem?  I have re-engineered the traditional law firm model and am able to operate a full service law firm without all the waste and extra overhead as most other law firms. 

I offer you high quality legal services at lower prices.  Period.  I also offer a price match guarantee so you can be confident that you are getting the best price in town without sacrificing quality. 


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